Thursday, 12 August 2010

If Only

The writing would be witty and entertaining, that’s for sure.  From left to right all along the first line and then on down through the paragraphs the prose would sparkle, an erudite effervescence. The scope of the subject matter and the accomplished style would probably fuel suspicions that the author was a professional writer of some kind, any suggestion of which he would modestly bat away.  
Such would be its popularity, it would be discussed far and wide – on online forums, in the morning papers, on the news.  Couples would discuss it over breakfast, strangers would read it over each other's shoulders on the train to work, children’s faces would glow under the covers after lights-out as they caught up on the latest instalment.  
It would make people smile, it would make people frown.  It would cause laughter, tears, and missed appointments. Some would be inspired to write themselves, others would see the futility of trying to reproduce the inimitable, but for those few minutes everyone would be in the same space thinking the same thing and in a small way the world would be all the better for it.
Yes, if I wrote a blog it would be much better than this one.


  1. Interesting post...the 365 is for me, like if I were talking out loud. If someone happens to hear me and comment, then great. If not, I'll keep muttering to myself. ;)

  2. But have you ever read blogs that overwhelmingly popular? I am guessing if you did you wouldn't like them.

  3. I'm new to the whole thing, so no I haven't really. Can you point me in the direction of some overwhelmingly popular ones?

  4. Here you go then. Personally I don't rate any of these but they're popular, just like The Sun and casual racism:

  5. I realise it's probably really bad form to criticise other blogs - and who am I to judge given that I've only had one for a matter of days - but I thought the first two were vacuous, long-winded, and tedious, while the third and fourth were vacuous and tedious but with more pictures.

    But thanks for giving me something to aspire away from, very much appreciated.

    And I loved your Tall Women post, another topper.

  6. Thanks, lovely of you to say.

    None of those four are at all to my taste but as I said, they all have a popularity we can only dream of.

  7. And we have an involuntary exclusivity they can only dream of.